my approach

My goal is to help you in becoming the best, most authentic version of yourself and to assist you in building your ideal vision for your life. I specialize in solution-focused brief counseling and life coaching, focusing on your current circumstances and goals for your future life and self—quite different than traditional therapy which typically focuses on analysis of problems, symptoms, and past events.


Together, we work to:

  1. Re-center yourself in the present where true change can happen by defocusing unproductive preoccupations of the past and dddsXXXXXXXX worries about the future

  2. Re-envision the future life or self you want to create based on your core qualities and strengths

  3. Create an action road map for reaching your goals

  4. Discover and new strength

  5. Empower you with practical tools, skills, insight, positive support and accountability as needed to help you gain traction and accelerate your progress.


I offer non-judgmental, positive support, accountability, and encouragement in working with you to actualize the changes you envision for yourself or some area of your life. I can assist in generating solutions to overcome roadblocks along your path and help you tap a deeper, sustainable motivation for continued progress, as well as provide practical tools, resources, and feedback as needed to help you build momentum toward attaining your goals. Together, we monitor your progress toward your goals, work through any setbacks, draw new wisdom from any challenges you encounter, and celebrate your hard-work and successes along the way!

Respecting your chosen time-frame and budget, I tailor a blend of approaches to fit your needs and goals, most often drawing from the following orientations and methods: Insights from Positive Psychology (the scientific study of happiness), brief/solution-focused counseling, cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness-based approaches, as well as narrative and schema therapy. I utilize specialized assessment tools for gaining insight into your personality, values, character strengths, and career satisfaction. I have an integrative wellness and humanistic philosophy, viewing all aspects of each person—mind, body, heart, spirit—as a functionally integrated whole who is innately good, and is equipped with the necessary capabilities for growing, learning, healing and actualizing their unique potential.


I received my graduate training in the UT Austin Counseling Psychology doctoral program and completed a Master's degree in Educational Psychology in 1997, subsequently working in clinics, schools, non-profits, and private practice. I have enjoyed working with a wide range of individuals and groups across the age spectrum, from diverse backgrounds and cultures, both within Austin, Texas, and around the world. My current practice focuses on individual adults, college students, and young adults. Please see below for issues I don't work with currently under "PRACTICE SCOPE" below. For more about my background, training, work, and philosophy of practice, I invite you to visit my website at www. donnaroselpc. com


•$30 per 15 minutes, with 15 to 90 minute session times. (Special discounts /reduced fee openings may be available-please inquire if interested. )

• Payment with any credit card (including employer FSA/HSA health spending debit cards accepted) is accepted via an encrypted payment portal with bank-level security

• Please note that using insurance benefits requires a mental health diagnosis on claims submitted and meet your insurance plan's medical necessity criteria. If you do not have a mental health diagnosis or prefer not to submit claims, I can still work with you utilizing my flexible, discounted fee schedule.

• While video counseling is becoming a more common insurance benefit, coverage varies significantly by plan—please first check with your insurance plan to find out if your plan offers telehealth treatment/video counseling.

•Some EAPs (Employee Assistance Programs) allow telephone or video counseling without a diagnosis, and sessions are free of charge to employees—check with your employer's EAP to see if I am listed as a provider.

•I respect the investment of your time and finances required in undertaking the personal change process, and so I am committed to making each session effective and valuable for you, as well as to working within the limitations of your time-frame, schedule, and budget.


•Mon-Thurs: 8am to 9pm, and Fri 8 to 5 for online video/phone appointments. Limited evening and weekend openings are available

• Mon, Wed, and Fri: Afternoons only for appointments in my Austin office


I welcome and enjoy working with clients of all cultures, races, sexual orientations, and religions; however, I don’t specialize in working with all issues and conditions. To ensure you receive the appropriate care from a specialist who can best address your needs (especially when using remote/distance counseling), please seek another professional for the following:

• Under age 18

• Couples counseling

• Active or unresolved trauma or abuse

• Family counseling, family planning, and pregnancy counseling

• Life-threatening conditions, psychiatric emergencies, crisis intervention

• Active severe mental illness (ex. psychosis, personality, severe depression, bipolar, eating disorders, and others)

• Addiction/chemical abuse/dependency and behavioral addictions (gambling, sex, gaming, etc.)

• Legal issues (child custody, court testimony, FMLA, disability, DWI, or accident claims)

• Eating, neurodevelopmental, and sexual dysfunction

• Biblically-focused counseling (I openly welcome clients of all faiths and individuals with a spiritual outlook and seek to integrate your beliefs and values in my approach)

Feel free to get in touch to discuss how I could be of help for your particular needs or situation—your initial brief consult is completely free of charge: (512) 743-3529 or email me at "donna 'at'" Check out my website for more info: www. I look forward to hearing from you.

Note: If considering using insurance, please view the plans I am an in-network provider for at: www.

Austin, TX 78759