Want solutions and practical new tools to help you move forward in an area of your life where you can't seem to get traction?  I use a brief, solution-focused approach to counseling which is different than traditional, longer-term psychotherapy. Focusing on your future vision of the part of your life you want to change, I help you use and build your strengths and take positive steps toward realizing a solution, rather than dwelling on your past experiences and problems.  

Here are some common issues I can help you with...

  • STRESS/ANXIETY: Learn healthier ways of dealing with stress and anxiety and create balance in your life
  • HEALTH GOALS: Make sustainable changes in your exercise, nutrition, and wellness habits
  • PRODUCTIVITY: Improve focus, and attention, time management, and overcome procrastination
  • MAJOR CHANGES: Better navigate big life transitions-college, career, new baby, marriage/divorce, mid-life, and more
  • BIG DECISIONS: Gain new insight to help you make important decisions based on your values and priorities
  • CAREER: Chart a new course for a more satisfying career, start your business strong, or land your great next job
  • PARENTING TEENS: End struggles, increase connection, foster emotional intelligence, and build character
  • MORE: See more areas I specialize in and what I don't work with


Here's a snapshot of the process—

  1. First, I help you more fully envision the new future you want to create in the area of your life that you desire to change and clearly define the specific changes would you like to achieve. Change is often achieved within 2 to 12 sessions.
  2. Next, I help in defining a road map with clear, actionable steps to reach your goal.
  3.  We identify, use and build your strengths, knowledge, and motivation, combined with new tools, resources and support, to help you make progress .
  4. Together, we track progress, fold in new insights from overcoming any obstacles along your path, and celebrate your successes along the way. 

Ready to try a results-oriented approach that focuses on solutions in the here-and now, not on problems and the past? You can schedule online or request a free consultation. Feel free to get in touch with any questions, or take a look around to find out more. Learn more about how I work with you, my style, and philosophy.